Monday, April 20, 2009

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This is a short film that Anaanda made with a Canon HV20-24p, a $400 dollar camera. That is not what this posting is about. Here are some comments that were posted about this video:

The reason I use the word "fact" is because I have acted as director of photography on several feature films and numerous short films - and I know what is hard truth when it comes to film production.
Great! And you said you were credited... where again? The word "several" is sort of a red flag.
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{ cue birds, crickets }
What's that EFFANDFEFF? Can't hear ya! The silence is deafening.
Not doing your "film" company any favours here Indelible. There are several spellilng mistakes and grammatical errors on your web site too. You could at least pretend to be professional.
HA! now we're on English? So much for the "several" film credits, then, huh? Just what we thought: The only cam you've operated is a WEB CAM. Case Closed.
Several is a perfectly valid word. I have to say, I have never used a web cam. But, only last month, I was shooting a 20k short film using an Arriflex 35mm. You know, actual film where you have to use a light meter and real lenses that aren't fixed to the camera chassis.
You are being snobbish. The very fact that you use the word "proper" says that. It's alright to be snobbish sometimes. I agree that having a camera that gives you control over the picture is very important to the art of film making. I don't agree that the HV-20 cant be the proper camera for the job. The finished film is the film.
oppfighter (3 months ago)
The HV-20 used the right way with the right attachments can give you a better picture and tell your story better than a 35mm or Redone used mediocrely. It's not always about the camera. Especially if your on a budget and all you can afford is a $400.00 camera.
EFFANDJEFF (3 months ago)
Of course, you're right. I am a snob when it comes to equipement and it's not all about the camera. But I am not just talking about the camera.

If you're making a film, and you're serious about making a 'proper' film (sorry), you're going to want a crew. If you have a good script (the most important thing) and a 35mm camera, you WILL attract a more experienced crew who are willing to work for nothing.

If you're shooting your opus on a Canon HV20, you won't interest anybody.

oppfighter (3 months ago)
Oh EFFANDJEFF, there you go again using that word "proper". What's you're idea of a proper film's budget? You are totally right about attracting a more experienced crew. I really understand where you're coming from. I do. The thing is, and this is BIG one. The majority of people that are not "professionals" that want to become "professionals" are not going to be able to afford anything other than a HV-20 or DVX-100.
oppfighter (3 months ago)
On top of that they are most likely going to be doing the Directing/DP work themselves.Once more its not as hard to get experienced people to jump on a lowlowlow budget film as you think. You may not be able to get the best,but you can get people that have enough experience to get it done. Its all about being creative with what you have and being able to be resourceful. If you gave a unknown Spielberg a HV-20,I bet you what he gave you back would be better than a lot of proper hollywood movies.
indeliblefilms (1 month ago)
"Fact (n.): a concept whose truth can be proved."
For the record, EFFANDJEFF is mistaking uninformed theories for facts (of which he has cited none) and confirming his WANNABE STATUS in the process. To come on a free video site and pawn yourself off as a film authority is as pointless as it is ridiculous. Call us when you shoot something, Spielberg.
EFFANDJEFF (1 month ago)
Wow. You're clever.

hotty198 (3 months ago)
are you a canon troll? ya low light sux. so what? its a consumer cam not
multi thousand dollar pro cam. this camera needs light. light is every
cameras friend.
indeliblefilms (1 month ago)
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hotty198 (4 months ago)

ill take the hv20 @400 American dollars rather than spending thousands
on something the next step up.
EFFANDJEFF (4 months ago)
That's up to you. But like I said before, if you're serious about film
making, get a proper camera. When I say proper camera, I mean a
camera that offers you a full range of creative choices such as focus
and exposure.

When these functions are automatic, your creative choices are somewhat restricted.

You don't have to spend thousands on a camera. Spend $30/40 on a
super8 camera. You can focus and expose manually, and you also get
the benefit of using film rather than video.
oppfighter (3 months ago)
HV 20 plus a 35mm adapter gives you more control over depth of field
than some cameras in the three to four thousand dollar range. almost everything on it that is automatic can be got around and you can get a
XLR to mini jack adapter with proper gain control. Im about to do a short
film with it. I would use it over a DVX-100 or a XL 2. Ive used super 8mm and while it has a particular look I would still use the HV-20 w/ 35mm adapter.
Fit4Purpose80 (3 months ago)
sorry to chip in, i have the same camera and i have disgusted by the
low light performance. what do you think?
hotty198 (3 months ago)
we are in the digital age my friend. ya film is still the best. but digital
almost ontop. as far as practicality digital blows it away.
EFFANDJEFF (3 months ago)
You're right, we are in the digital age. I know that nobody seems to like
my comments, but I do know what I'm talking about. I lecture
Cinematography at degree level in a prestigious university. I have
been director of photography on films using 35mm, The Red One
and Panavision's Genesis HD camera.

However, when I say use a proper camera, it's not being snobbish. I'm
simply saying that if you're serious about film making, use a camera
that's right for the film, not one that's convenient.
Gwinz (5 months ago)
I have the same camera, but I have no idea how to make it look like
this. I put it on cinemode but it still does not look this "cinematic".
What am i doing wrong?
MrSpecOps (5 months ago)
its in the directing, lighting, cinematography, and angle.
SanitySource (5 months ago)
lol colour correction. whats mr spec ops talking about

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