Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mr. Chi City: Chillin' on A Sunday & Ticket Destruction

You may remember him from a the beverages in the fridge video that was circulating around a while back. But this guy is not a one trick pony. This guy is legit. You didn't watch one episode of SNL back in the day and then say "Nah, I'm Good". No, you stayed home late every Saturday night and watched it while taping it at the same time on your VHS recorder and then watched it back all week until the next episode. Mr. Chi City, he of the infectious laugh, has such a great outlook on life that you are not simply entertained, you are re-energized and you take it in like Vitamin Water or Sierra Mist to cure whatever ills you. You can go back into his catalog of 22 videos, and I'll be posting his new ones as they come out.

You may want to put on some headphones if you are at work.

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